Meet our Trainers

DanDan Widmer

Dan is a nutritionist and personal trainer with 20 years of experience with nutritional strategies and resistance and conditioning training.

Dan has been actively coaching and training athletes and everyday people looking to build muscle or lose weight since 2011. He trains competitive physique athletes, professional (IFBB) physique athletes, complete beginners to training and nutrition, and everyone that falls somewhere in between. Dan has devoted a large portion of his life to the study of nutritional sciences, physical fitness training, and overall health and wellness advocacy. In addition, he is the owner of Super Nutrition, a health food and sport nutrition store, located in Peoria, Illinois and American Engineered Nutrition, a sport nutrition supplement company. Dan is also in the process of becoming a Registered Dietician (RD) with the goal to advance the use of nutrition in preventative and therapeutic medicine.

KateKate Schmallshof

Kate is a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer.

Kate’s goal is to motivate her clients, and help them achieve their targets and goals. She assists them to set up the right path, and to live a healthier lifestyle. Kate is an International Sports Science Association personal trainer, and strength and conditioning trainer,  as well as being certified in sports nutrition. She is also an American Council on Exercise group fitness instructor, and an aquatic group fitness instructor.