Nutrition and Weight Loss:  Custom-Engineered for You

Our staff have been helping our members reach their fitness, weight and body mass goals for over 15 years. All our nutrition and fitness programs are custom-designed for you, through a thorough evaluation process, including how to lose weight safely and quickly. This enables you to attain maximum results, in minimal time, as safely as possible.

Our comprehensive program for each member includes:

  • Nutrition and weight loss (if indicated)
  • Resistance training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Vitamins and supplements

We combine these elements into a process that optimizes outcomes, and allows you to achieve greater results faster.

Our nutritional program is based on macronutrient manipulation. This enables us to assist you to achieve your desired body composition, body mass and weight, while focusing on nutrient-dense, whole foods.

The results our members achieve sets our program apart. It consists of an ongoing process:

  • Evaluation
  • Program development
  • Implementation
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Program adjustment

The Super Nutrition system enables you to reach your optimal body mass, including instruction on how to lose weight, if that fits your individual goals.

We begin with a 30 minute evaluation. Then, progress monitoring and feedback sessions (via email or text) at a minimum of once weekly After that, you have unlimited contact throughout the program, via email and text messaging. Skype, phone, and video consultations may be arranged, at an additional charge.

Since nutrition is an integral part of fitness, our Super Nutrition Fitness Centers have full nutrition and supplement stores on site.  Learn more.

Reach your fitness and weight loss goals with Super Nutrition Fitness.
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